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Popovo polje-cave Vjetrenica


The beautiful valley of Popovo Polje, in the southeastern part of the country, hosts the largest cave system in the country, Vjetrenica, which is located near Ravno, about 80 km from Mostar. Strong and fresh wind, which is constantly blowing at the entrance to the cave, and after which it was named, is also a natural coolant in the hottest months of the year. Vjetrenica is the entire channel system extending over 6 km in length, of which a central, very spectacular, is long of 2.5 km. Inside the cave were found numerous archaeological finds, among them the remains of the bones of bears and leopards, as well as drawings about 10,000 years old. Small and large lakes (of which the largest is 180 m wide), waterfalls and streams, the characteristics of this unique place, unique in terms of biological diversity and rare and endemic species (over 200 different) that inhabit the water Vjetrenice. Do not miss it. The air temperature inside the cave is 11.4 degrees Celsius and 11.3 degrees Celsius water