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 Medjugorje is a place of peace, prayer and reconciliation.

Medjugorje is marian sanctuary and it is placed in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

 In Medjugorje the sky touches the ground. It all started in June 1981. According to the testimony of six visionaries, the Blessed Virgin Mary appears and presents herself as "Queen of Peace". Apparitions are lasting to this day. Mother of God through the visionaries gives the messages to the whole world. These messages are clear and invite us to peace, faith, conversion, prayer, fasting and penance. According to estimates, up to a million pilgrims annually visit this small town with about 2,300 inhabitants. In the church of St. James in Medjugorje are held regularly St. Mass and devotions, and to the pilgrims are offered regular spiritual programs. Followers of Medjugorje honor, glory and called the Mother of God "Lady".


Hill of apparitions - Podbrdo

 A Place the first apparitions, a few hundred meters above the village Bijakovići Podbrdo. From the houses to the very place of the apparitions leads steep path along which are bronze reliefs of joyful and sorrowful mysteries of the Rosary from the 1989. (the work of prof. Carmelo Puzzolo). On the way to the site of the apparition place, a large wooden cross was set, signaling the place where the Lady third day of the apparitions through Marija Pavlovic for the first time called for peace. At the site of the apparitions, in honor of the 20th anniversary, was set a statue of Queen of Peace made like the one that is located in front of the parish church (the work of Dino Felicia). Encounter with the Apparition Hill for the pilgrims is the encounter with Our Lady through personal prayer and prayer of the rosary. At the foot of Apparition Hill is the Blue Cross, which is placed there in 1985.


Križevac - Cross Mountain

 Cross Mountain is a hill above Medjugorje (520 m) where the parishioners March 15, 1934 constructed a 8.56 m high concrete cross on which states: "Jesus Christ, Redeemer of the human race, as a sign of their faith, love and hope, in commemorate of 1900 years since the death of Jesus ". In the intersection is inserted the relic of Jesus's Cross received just for the occasion from Rome. With the begining of Our Lady's apparitions, on the Cross Mountain has been started to pray Way of the Cross. Stations were initially marked by wooden crosses, and in 1988 they were replaced with bronze reliefs (the work of prof. Carmelo Puzzolo). On each of them (except in the Garden of Gethsemane) is Lady. Cross mountain for the pilgrims is a call to meet Jesus in His Passion and to discover His love. 24.11.2001, on the first anniversary of death of Fr. Slavko Barbaric, at the place where he gave his soul into the hands of the Lord, memorial was erected: Fr. Slavko's relief in bronze encrusted in the stone. Between the two stations of the Way of Cross, will remain as a sign and a memorial to a man who said what he thought and did what he said, following the Gospel and the message of the Queen of Peace.


In Medjugorje, there are several institutions that help people in need.

 Mother's Village is an establishment for the education and care of abandoned and neglected children that operates from in 1993.

 Community Cenacolo was founded by sr. Elvira 1983 to help the drug addicts. The main objective of the community is to discover and to live true values of Christian life. According to their words, their therapy is Jesus Christ, and the way of healing is prayer, work and friendship.

 Medical Service of the Maltese Order helps pilgrims and parishioners daily from 9 am to 21 pm, from May the 1st until November the 1st, and is financed exclusively by donations.


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